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03-Mar-2016 09:51

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Brett Favre should have called it a career in 2009.His final season was marred by injuries, on-field mediocrity and Jenn Sterger, a former New York Jets employee who reportedly received suggestive voicemails, sexual texts and totally unsolicited pictures of Brett Favre naked. From hit songs to LOL moments, meltdowns and bombshell scandals, some videos won't be forgotten anytime soon.What, exactly, do they It's not like Annie Leibovitz is taking these photos. Men have a long history of being clumsy when they're attracted to women (see: cavemen head-clubbing = foreplay), but distributing what looks like doctor's-office documentation of your dick takes things to a whole new level. Young guys know it's pretty much a given that their phallus photos will go, well, viral. I know one guy who was minding his own business at a keg party when a girl started hitting on him.It's the photographic equivalent of a sentiment expressed by Jason Segel's character in . In order to elicit a stronger romantic response, she took the flirting digital and told him to check his phone.If you’re one of them, you’ll want to check out our previous , who was about to go “off the grid” in Mexico when we contacted her. The more you try to force your plan on the race, the harder the race will fight back with a plan of its own. My best races are when my primary goal is to race with a fuckload of grace. Brunch or a big lunch the day before a race has always served me better than a huge dinner the night before.

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Whoever can shout it the loudest without caving to embarrassment wins.

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Why waste your time and money trying to impress someone who wants a ring instead of a good time?

So there's all kind of conflicts of interests going on there. Now CSN didn't officially say Patterson was fired because she's in a relationship with a player on the team her former network covers, but we can read between the lines.

The whole controversy stirred up allegedly from other female reporters complaining. You might remember Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe left his wife for Fox Sports reporter Carolyn Hughes, who got fired from her job for dating a player on a team covered by the network. These incidents severely hurt the reputation of very attractive female reporters who can quickly be labeled as "jersey-chasers with a microphone." Paul M. Favre was NOT suspended for his actions, but the fine basically implies that an NFL investigation verified the rumors going around for months.

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