Rules for dating single mothers

19-Mar-2016 00:08

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Lauren is single mum to Dylan, 11 and reveals: “When you’ve got a kid it’s harder to meet people.

For them to take that on it’s a huge responsibility. I think guys struggle with that, especially if they haven’t had kids themselves.” It got me thinking about how hard it is to step back into the dating game when you have children.

But throw the well-being and future of your children into the mix as an additional concern and the whole thing is even trickier.

Because truly–for children who may struggle to feel secure or like their lives are stable after a divorce–nothing could be worse.

Contestant John is 53, divorced, with two gorgeous and grown-up daughters. But, he never thought he’d be alone at 53 and now his precious girls have moved out.

“I think my life could get a whole lot better,” says John on 9Now.

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I also saw parents do quite a few disturbing things while I was recently single and dating, but you don’t have to give up on dating with children; and you don’t have to be a spinster to protect your children if you are smart about it.

and most have never been caught, so they don’t appear on any sex offender list.