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10-Jun-2016 01:08

You need all the sleep you can get for the DMZ tour since it has a really early call time.

- Don’t schedule a trip to the theme park after a tour like DMZ.

Before we get started, a hopeful word for skeptics and beginners.

Sure enough, I spy four of them, a sight that gives me an anxious chill.But once you know, well, there’s a lot to discover. When I started dating the first woman I ever dated (shout out to my wife), I was moderately terrified.I didn’t know how to be, what to say, what to touch and when to touch it.The Internet is by far one of my most favorite of man’s innovations for so many reasons – but one reason outweighs them all: It allowed me to find, meet, and end up with the most perfect partner I could ever hope for … Yes, friends, I am one half of a love match made by the Web.

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Given the many opinions and – ahem – constant evolution of the Internet dating scene, who better than a success story to help guide you through the process, its potential – and many – pitfalls?Fast forward to 2014, I’m not dating a Korean but I’m dating a guy who knows Girls Generation song lyrics by heart and dances Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar (can you imagine my embarrassment every time we go to karaokes with our friends? Beep’s not Korean, he looks more like a Japanese samurai who likes K-Pop, so yeah, close enough to my mom’s prediction. I did bring him home a desk calendar of Girls Generation. With more people getting bitten by the Hallyu bug (like my college friend Bea who has been demanding me to make more Korea posts), and interest in going to K-Pop country is at an all-time high especially for Filipinos, I’ve rounded up some travel tips for first-time tourists in Seoul for a successful budget trip to K-Pop country: Trust me on this.