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La Beouf received a Young Artist Award nomination in 2001 and won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2003 for his role.

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La Beouf later appeared in its sequels (2009) and (2011), both also box office successes. In 2004, he made his directorial debut with the short film Let's Love Hate and later directed a short film titled Maniac (2011), starring American rappers Cage and Kid Cudi. He made his film debut in Holes (2003), based on the novel of the same name by Louis Sachar.In 2008, he played Henry "Mutt Williams" Jones III in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth film in the Indiana Jones franchise.

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His other films include Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), Lawless (2012), The Company You Keep (2012) and Nymphomaniac (2013).· Harry Belafonte· Joy Bryant· Nick Cannon· Emilio Estevez· Laurence Fishburne· Brian Geraghty· Heather Graham· Anthony Hopkins· Helen Hunt· Joshua Jackson· David Krumholtz· Ashton Kutcher· Lindsay Lohan· William H.

Shia Saide La Beouf is an American actor and director who became known among younger audiences as Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens.